[OSM-dev] Repeat post - dedicated osmarender/t at h mailing list

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed May 2 15:06:29 BST 2007

A short while ago I suggested splitting off osmarender/t at h traffic  
into another list. Steve posted a characteristic WORKSFORME but  
otherwise no response, I think.

Could I repeat the suggestion and ask a) if anyone objects, b) if  
anyone would be prepared to administer such a list?

t at h and osmarender are great projects, but they're kind of  
overwhelming the two main lists, which is offputting to those of us  
who concentrate their efforts elsewhere (or who are scared by XSLT (: ).

FWIW administering a list is pretty easy - the two I look after  
(legal-talk and newbies) just require three clicks every other day to  
clear the spamtrap.


(suggest follow-ups to talk rather than dev)

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