[OSM-dev] Server Downtime - Saturday 5th May

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Fri May 4 21:11:56 BST 2007


Over this weekend we are aiming to get the mystical Rails Port up and
running.  New features will inlclude:

- Enhanced API functions
- Imporved UI
- Ability to discover who is maping your area
- Integratation of the mighty Potlatch editor

There is not going to be a switch ovever period and API 0.4 is not backwards
compatible with 0.3.  The reasons for this are:

- Limited developer time  - no time to write such things
- Limited hardware resources - no machines to run them anyway

But, 0.4 is very similar to 0.3.  See
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/API for more details.

Additionally, the Rails port includes changes to the database schema.  This
means that we have to dump and re-import the entire database.

The net effect of the switch over will be that services like the API and GPX
uploads will be broken on Saturday and possibly on Sunday.  Other apps and
services that rely on the API - like T at H, JOSM and the
soon-to-be-decomissioned applet will also be affected over the weekend.  The
wiki, mailing lists and opengeodata.org should not be affected.

This is obviously going to annoy people - its the weekend and you want to go
mapping/hacking etc - but this is the only opportunity within the next few
weeks that everyone will be in the right place at the right time.  So bare
with the problems over the weekend.  When things are back up and running
there are likely to be bugs in the site and the API.  If you encounter
unexpected behaviour from the site, the best thing to do is to report it to
trac - http://www.trac.openstreetmap.org (login with your
openstreetmap.orguser and pass).  If you can't get onto trac, report
problems to
dev at openstreetmap.org.  Updates will be posted to talk and dev.

Thanks for your patience.

Nick Black
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