[OSM-dev] mysql configuration

Celso González celso at mitago.net
Sun May 6 22:42:34 BST 2007


I have been watching the mysql configuration as
its published on 
and i wanted to add some things about configuration

Our database is mainly for reading, i dont have the
exact data, but we are having a hit cache ratio very low
mainly because we are using a very small query_cache_size

I read on the irc that we are migrating some tables to
innodb so we should lower the key_buffer_size (its only used 
for myisam tables) and create innodb_buffer_pool_size variable

I also saw that we are using the binlog facilities, if we are
not replicating and we are not taking care about that logs
we can increase performance disabling the logs.

And thats all for the moment, i hope it helps and sure i
can give more hints with more real data.

Btw, is there in any place the mysql schema we are using?
I checked all the svn and i was not able to find it.

Best regards

Celso González (aka PerroVerd)  GPG key 0x2DA367B7
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