[OSM-dev] No more incomplete ways with 0.4?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 7 13:48:14 BST 2007


> I sent a patch that did this for ways downloaded by the "Download
> Incomplete" action. It should be fairly straight forward to make that
> part of the normal download process. This way they can easily be
> fixed.... (essentially the first time someone tries to download the
> way it can be fixed...)

Your patch is in josm-latest.jar since 24 April and works well.

However, having to work with potentially incomplete objects causes a lot 
of extra code in JOSM (a quick grep counts 79 occurrences of 
"incomplete" in 26 different files!).

My idea was to get rid of incomplete objects by not allowing them 
through the gates (either "completing" them or rejecting them). That 
would not have made sense before 0.4 (because most ways were incomplete 
then), but 0.4 has changed this, and now encountering an incomplete way 
should be an exeption.

That way, all the rest of the JOSM code would be an "incomplete-free 
zone", making the code easier to understand - and sometimes quicker to 


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