[OSM-dev] The upgrade process from 0.3 to 0.4

Alexander Wright silverfish at wright-family.me.uk
Mon May 7 17:14:22 BST 2007


First, thanks for working on Open Street Map, I wish I had the time to help 
program. (I've watched the Google presentation).

I'd like to comment, briefly, on how the upgrade in server API is going. Right 
now, www.openstreetmap.org is returning a "500 - Internal Server Error" which 
is a pity, considering all the press attention the project has been getting 

Perhaps it would be better if, while the upgrade is taking place, a temporary 
page could be put in place, illustrating what the project does, and maybe 
some examples and an explanation of why the site is down.

I know that resources are short, but perhaps next time the upgrade could be 
first performed on a test server, and then pushed to the live server in one 
go, thus minimizing downtime.

I'll go back to not getting in your way now. (And recording some more tracks, 
ready for upload).

Alex Wright.

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