[OSM-dev] New MapPaint plugin

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Tue May 8 15:07:41 BST 2007

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>>>> This way downloading an keeping up-to-date of all plugins is much
>>>> much easier.
>>> Is it just me ? I think jar should not be on svn.
>> Theoretically, one would use SVN for the source and have another way
>> of distributing compiled stuff. But we don't have such an other way,
>> and before every plugin maintainer has the jar files in his/her own
>> webspace, I'd rather have them in SVN.
> This is exactly the reason I suggested puttin the jar into svn. I know =
in svn=20
> ideally we should only have source, but in this case I'd prefer to see =
> jar files there too.

I don't think jars in SVN is a good idea.

We should put a plugins.xml somewhere (possibly svn, but better as just
a file somewhere on the web that could be replaced with a CGI later)
that has a list of plugins, with version numbers and download locations.
Then once a week or something, JOSM checks this folder and says "There
are new versions of the following plugins, do you wish to install?". It
may as well check the version of the JOSM core while it is at it.

Actually, Java web start might just do all that for us:

I'll have a go at making josm install with JWS later on.

Robert (Jamie) Munro

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