[OSM-dev] Osmarender: Produce SVG maps for mobile phones (SVG TINY/BASIC)

George Sgouros sgouros at anro.gr
Wed May 9 15:31:29 BST 2007


I don't think it is such a good idea to steer Osmarender away from SVG
features that are not supported by SVG mobile. This could
signigificantly reduce the features offered by the full SVG created  by
Osmarenderer since SVG tiny lacks a lot of SVG Full features. 

What I had in mind is making a special stripped-down version of
Osmarender which will render an OSM map (with less features of course)
on a mobile device. 

This is actually where my test application comes in. It will help a keen
Osmarender develloper, strip all non supported SVG features
one-by-one and thus produce a special XSLT file supporting the SVG
mobile specification. Then we could merge the two xslt files
(full and mobile) and use a flag or something like this to produce the
desired output map or use two seperate XSLT files.

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  A useful first step would be to identify what parts of the SVG output from Osmarender is not in SVG Tiny/Basic.  Having this list available would help us to steer Osmarender away from those SVG features.


  On 5/5/07, George Sgouros <sgouros at anro.gr> wrote:
    In my opinion, SVG Basic and SVG Tiny specifications are quite important for OSM since soon enough many mobile phone/PDA users will really like the idea of having the maps shown on their portable devices. 

    Jochen has made a start towards this goal in the latest version of Osmarender. I  have also created a small Java application which will test the produced SVG TINY maps and output informative (hopefully) messages if the map does not conform to the SVG Tiny/Basic spec. 

    However, Jochen told me that he is not working on osmareder anymore and I do not have the knowledge to tweak osmarender on my own.

    So I was wondering if anybody else has what it takes to continue tweaking osmarender in order to produce SVG Tiny and/or SVG Basic maps. 

    Thanks in advance

    (The spec can be found here: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVGMobile/   ) 

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