[OSM-dev] Unwayed segments

Scott Walde scott at waldetech.ca
Wed May 9 19:26:22 BST 2007

Lars Aronsson wrote:
> Scott Walde wrote:
>> simply be a nameless street.  A street with a big ugly FIXME on 
>> it indicates to the map user that the information might not be 
>> accurate.  (eg. oneway, not labelled as such)
> If we felt a need to indicate incompleteness, we would have to 
> cover the entire globe in a huge FIXME area.  Feel free to start 
> with Russia, China and India.
c'mon... we're not talking about blank areas.  We're talking about 
partially completed roads.  Do you really not see the difference, or do 
you just enjoy trolling for arguments?


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