[OSM-dev] Optimal free compression algorithm for OSM XML data

Shaun McDonald shaunmcdonald131 at gmail.com
Thu May 10 11:17:28 BST 2007

On 10 May 2007, at 10:38, Nick Hill wrote:

> Hello David
> I'll upload a 7z version of the current planet. If nobody finds  
> serious problems
> with 7-zip, then I'll update the planet creation script to use 7z  
> instead.

If I remember correctly, you need to install something special to get  
7-zip to compress/uncompress under Mac OS X. The command line version  
is unfortunately a PPC app, which means that there is a performance  
hit on Intel Macs.

My search history show that it was:
It seems that a new version with a GUI and Universal is available at:
<http://sixtyfive.xmghosting.com/?p=142> though it doesn't have a  
command line interface as far as I can see.

I have one installed:
  $ which 7za
$ 7za

7-Zip (A) 4.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Igor Pavlov  2005-05-30
p7zip Version 4.20 (locale=C,Utf16=off,HugeFiles=on)

Usage: 7za <command> [<switches>...] <archive_name> [<file_names>...]

Hope this is of some help to some Mac users out there.

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