[OSM-dev] Optimal free compression algorithm for OSM XML data

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Thu May 10 17:18:55 BST 2007

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> Hello Shaun
> Thank you for the pointers for Mac users and 7-zip.
> I have uploaded a copy of the current planet.osm as 7z, where I
> have further
> increased compression using bigger dictionary etc.
> planet files are at:
> http://planet.openstreetmap.org/
> The URL for the current planet.osm in 7z format is:
> http://planet.openstreetmap.org/planet-070509.osm.7z
> The new file is 183Mb vs Bzip2 235Mb.
> You should find both downloading and unpacking the new file
> faster. Please try
> it and give feedback.

It took 181 seconds to decompress using a newly downloaded 7-zip from
homepage.mac.com/krmathis referred to from www.7-zip.org/download.html on my
Mac mini intel 1.66 coreduo running MacOS X; head and tail look ok.


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