[OSM-dev] HTTP error 417 with cURL

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri May 11 10:04:12 BST 2007

> Tried an empty string and even null, but no luck. Seems I'll have
> to write the
> header myself, though the easiest fix is probably to stop lighthttpd
> rejecting this line :-)

Useful to see this being discussed, as I was trying a node upload for the
first time and assumed it was me doing something wrong when I was getting

One thing you could do (and I'll try) is do an exec of the command line cUrl
instead of using the function api.

Can people tell me, though, what I should be doing for the XML for the node.
(i.e. what, in detail, is" node payload" in the 0.4 documentation. In

- do I need the <osm> wrapper element, or just the <node> element

- what do I do with the timestamp on <node> (change it, leave it alone, omit

- visible="true"? (omit it, leave it in)

- what do I do with the user= on the node element?

- what about generator? (leave it alone, change it to something meaningful
to me, leave it out?)

- I assume I still need version="0.4"

Is this lot documented anywhere? I can't see it. The 0.3 is better, but
still doesn't answer those questions.


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