[OSM-dev] Status of Database Server after 0.4 Upgrade: Fragile

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat May 12 12:12:18 BST 2007


    I am still frequently seeing "500 internal server error"s when 
uploading stuff, and also when I try to render a tile with the t at h 
client, in 5% to 10% of cases the server just won't reply at all (timeout).

I didn't make a big fuss about this, believing that a lot of "behind the 
scenes" work is going on, that these problems must be well known and 
being worked on; but today I took a look at trac and the tickets I see 
there are a lot of little things that are broken - but no indication of 
the fact that we're currently still in a sort of maintenance mode with a 
noticeable proportion of calls to the database server simply not working.

Put in other words, our trac looks like this:

| White Star Line                |
| HMS Titanic                    |
| To-Do List                     |
|                                |
| 1. Doorknob loose in cabin #23 |
| 2. Toilet not working in #55   |
| 3. ...                         |

This is not a complaint - I am just a bit unsure, because there's not 
that much information on this mailing list about what people are working 
on with the server, and until now I believed they're working on fixing 
the obvious problems, and if this is true then just go on and ignore me.

I am just writing this on the slim chance that everybode except me 
believes everything is working fine, and later I am told "why didn't you 
raise the issue when you had all those errors...?"

I'll open a ticket for the internal server errors, just to be on the 
safe side.

(If help is wanted identifying the problems, I am ready to try my luck 
any time, but I'd need access to the db server including server-restart, 
tcpdump, and strace privileges, and I can understand if you hesitate to 
hand these out to just anyone. I have already tried to reproduce the 
problem using a locally-installed rails server but that, being neither 
under much load nor having too much data, doesn't cough up.)


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