[OSM-dev] Very long ways have been split (was: Status of Database Server after 0.4 Upgrade: Fragile)

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at gmail.com
Mon May 14 16:14:16 BST 2007

On 5/14/07, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de> wrote:
> > Plan B:
> > =======
> > - If a way is too large to return, don't return it!
> > - Instead perhaps we can add a new tag which says something like:
> >
> > <way id=12345 segs_excluded="true" seg_count="5000" >
> >  <tag k=... >
> >  [ more tags, but no segments ]
> > </way>
> I like that approach for a couple of reasons, let me quickly list them:
> * Right now, we download potentially large amounts of data for small
> bboxes if a long way happens to cross it. This would allow us (ie JOSM)
> to lazily load those way segments, when the use can already work on that
> bbox.

Ok, I've got a question: what's being described here is basically how
it used to be. when you downloaded a way you didn't get the segments.
Most people agreed it was a bad idea and now API 0.4 always returns
the segments.

This is what incomplete ways were. Are we considering reintroducing
them already?

Where is the load, returning the list of segments, or returns the
actual segment data itself? My guess is the latter, in which case we
really don't want to be removing "incomplete way" support from JOSM...

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