[OSM-dev] invalid UTF8

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Wed May 16 18:28:08 BST 2007

The airports were:

LFW  id="26608223" lat="6.16555555555556" lon="1.25444444444444"
NSI  id="26608660" lat="3.7225" lon="11.5533333333333"
TMS  id="26608669" lat="0.378055555555556" lon="6.71222222222222" (3 errors)
SJO  id="26608915" lat="9.99388888888889" lon="-84.2088888888889"
BSB  id="26608961" lat="-15.8711111111111" lon="-47.9186111111111"
ASU  id="26608969" lat="-25.2397222222222" lon="-57.5191666666667"
BOG  id="26608971" lat="4.70305555555556" lon="-74.1383333333333"

(7, not 9, sorry)

and for completeness, the ways were

Hasenwinkeler Stra...   id="4269065"
Volkersbrunner Stra...  id="4271908"
Schollbrunn             id="4431539"

which just demonstrates that I can't add up to 10 (I'd counted TMS  x 3)


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> >>From today's planet file I have located all 12 elements with UTF8 errors
> > (some had more than one) and, I believe, fixed them. 9 were
> airports with
> > incorrect accents in the names or is_in's, all done by the same person.
> > Two  were non-utf8 german ß's in ...straße and one was several supposed
> > u-umlauts in a note applied to way 4431539(*).
> Do you have ID's or locations for those airports that were problematic?
> I'd like to check my data.
> Regards,
> Hakan
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