[OSM-dev] Mapnik vs Osmarender (was: A proposal for linking multiple ways...)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu May 17 00:42:18 BST 2007


    just going off on this tangent:

> I'm sure the coastline rendering would be more consistent if we
> developed something which was used by both mapnik and osmarender.

As I have said before, I personally view osmarender/tiles at home as a more 
flexible, more playful, almost "rapid prototyping" thingie where we can 
develop ideas and quickly try them out, and Mapnik on the other hand as 
a more heavyweight, more formal, more "correct" solution where we can 
introduce concepts that have proven useful.

In the long run, we will have one or more Mapnik-like central renderers, 
I am pretty sure about that; but meanwhile, holding back development in 
tiles at home until solutions common to both worlds can be found would kill 
off one of the main advantages of tiles at home.


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