[OSM-dev] Tiles at home - RFC on disabling tile meta-information

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat May 19 15:59:00 BST 2007


>> I've just commited a few "emergency" fixes to tiles at home site  
>> directory in SVN which should disable the keeping of statistics for  
>> tiles of level13 and higher (the are not really needed). This should  
>> reduce the amount of "replace" queries by a factor of a few hundred  
>> once it is installed. (E-Mailed OJW separately.)
> Do we want to do that?  It would allow people to anonymously upload spam 
> images at Z>13, and have them displayed to anyone who views particular areas.

Reply-to set to tiles at home list.

Since there's no automatic account creation for uploads, but people have 
instead to ask for an account by email, I think the risk of having 
spammers is negligible. Anyway there's still a log file giving details 
of who uploaded a zipfile when, and if really required, the last inode 
modification of the tile in question can be compared to the list of the 


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