[OSM-dev] Potlatch on own server

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Sun May 20 13:35:38 BST 2007

Hello Richard (and anyone else),

Decided in view of the problems to skip pre-populating the OSM database on my 
test rails server. Tried out Potlatch (checked out from SVN yesterday) on a 
blank OSM database created with "rake db:migrate". The result of this is that 
new ways will draw, but they don't upload to the server correctly.

The ways themselves get added to the database, so do the nodes and segments, 
but there's a problem with way segments and way tags. maybe this is related 
to the primary key issue?

The MySQL version is 5.0.32. If anyone has set up a test environment 
successfully please let me know, along with how to get it working :-)


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