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Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Mon May 21 08:46:35 BST 2007


are you adding all those new cool features as part of JOSM or as
plugins? I'd prefered them as plugins, but I see the problem of
distributing a large number of plugins.

What we need is a plugin manager with an (automatic) update mechanism,
like JEdit has. I had a look to the jedit code, but there's a lot of
stuff we need to adapt, but there's also a lot we can reuse. But it's
not a copy/paste adaptation. The main class is
org.gjt.sp.jedit.pluginmgr.PluginManager so if anybody wants to have a
look ...

What it does: load an xml file that contains all the plugin
descriptions, versions and dependencies from a server and compare to the
currently installed plugins.

So what is basically completely missing in our plugin architectur is
versions and dependencies.

I also thought about using the plugin architecture of eclipse, which
gives you all of these things for free. Anyone here knowing more about this?


Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> Hi,
>   there's a lot of auto-imported data that looks ugly - I saw a lot of 
> "staircase coastlines" somewhere in Asia, and have also encountered 
> roads that were obviously created directly from a GPS tracklog without 
> any simplification.
> While these should ideally be avoided on import, it would be nice to 
> have some support in dealing with those that are there. I have added an 
> (experimental) "simplify way" function to JOSM; if you want to try it 
> out, you have to download this version:
> http://www.remote.org/frederik/tmp/josm-with-simplify.jar
> I have nicked the algorithm used by gpsbabel when it is called with the 
> "-x simplify,error=xxx" option. What this does is essentially compute 
> the "cross track error" that would be introduced by removing a node from 
> the way (see pic), and remove the node it if the error is less than the 
> given threshold.
> In this play version, the default for the allowed error is 0.06 in 
> whatever units, I think it must be statue miles ;-) (that's what you get 
> when you copy code without properly understanding it). This is good for 
> fixing staircase coastlines, but will probably break detailed city 
> mapping, you'll have to use something closer to 0.0002 for that I guess. 
> It can be changed in the preferences option "simplify-way.max-error".
> The method only removes nodes (and segments), it never moves nodes. It 
> also never removes the first node or last node in a way, nor does it 
> remove a node tagged other than "created_by" and "source", and it also 
> never removes nodes or segments used by other objects. It isn't very 
> talkative at the moment so if you select a way and click simplify and 
> nothing happens, maybe the way just isn't simplifiable. A production 
> version of this would of course have to talk more, and probably ask for 
> the desired maximum error each time it is executed.
> gpsbabel supports other methods of simplifying a way: it can look at 
> segment lengths instead of cross-track errors, and it can also (instead 
> of removing everything that falls below a certain threshold) remove a 
> certain number of nodes. This might actually be nice to have in JOSM - 
> make the simplify function always remove the 20% of the way's nodes that 
> introduce the smallest error, and you can then repeat this until you are 
> happy.
> Maybe others have experimented with way simplification and want to offer 
> different algorithms? I'd also be interested in user reports, so if you 
> know of some nasty ways in your area, give the above .jar a try and tell 
> me if it is any good.
> Bye
> Frederik
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