[OSM-dev] [Tilesathome] Server required for tiles at home

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 21 09:04:48 BST 2007


> SteveC wrote:
>>> That should be te least of all problems. Create a new tiles account.
>>> Move tiles at home over to that and all tiles admin can happily work
>>> there. We would "just" have to change to URL or as rjmunro  
>>> proposed have
>>> a better sounding domain name and redirect to wherever tah  
>>> happens to
>>> sit at that moment...
>> Sorry no, we don't cut ojw out of the loop just like that. Has anyone
>> tried giving him a call? If not, I will.
> Sorry for the late reply. I was not suggesting to cut OJW out of the
> loop. (which would be rather ungrateful and mean). I was rather
> suggesting to allow more people to change stuff and thus open up the
> development of t at h a little. Right now files seem to be owned by
> user/group ojw/ojw which isn't very good for collaborative  
> development.
> All I implied was moving the thing from a personal dev account to an
> account of it's own. And that with, rather than without OJW's consent.



OJW writes that he'd actually like to see a few more people doing  
server maintenance. He seems to be ok with using the ojw account for  
it but I am still a bit wary; I would prefer having different  
accounts for everyone and then set up the server in a way that access  
is possible for all concerned (by having Unix groups for example).

As regards "cutting someone out of the loop" - someone else wrote  
that we're a hobby project after all, and everyone should be able to  
do as much or as little as he wants (and his time allows) without  
being shouted at. From that also follows that we must aim to have as  
little bottleneck positions as possible - to grant people the freedom  
to treat it as a hobby and not as a daily chore. By putting others in  
a position to look after t at h, we'll relieve OJW of (a portion of)  
that responsibility.

Of course, having multiple "admins" for t at h will increase the need  
for communication between them; no single t at h admin, and that  
includes OJW, should do something to the server without making sure  
the others know beforehand what he's doing. But I guess a quck post  
the the list will suffice for that and that wouldn't be expecting too  

All that said, I don't know how we are expected to go about  
installing those extra admins for t at h. Maybe interested parties  
should apply to OJW. Some help from root at dev may be required if we  
want to set up a Unix group for t at h stuff as well.


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