[OSM-dev] JOSM Plugin-Manager was: JOSM "simplify way" option

Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Mon May 21 12:32:24 BST 2007


We'd need some meta information nevertheless. When I get a list of 
plugins plugins to install, I would want to know, what the plugin does. 
So a new method that returns that information could be used at runtime 
after the plugin was installed, but does not help the users to decide 
what to install.

Dependencies between plugins are a problem as well (apart from 
classloading problem we have in josm for dependend plugins).

A trade-off between the two approaches would be to create one central 
xml file with all the meta data of the plugins (name, version, 
dependencies) and a link to the jar file. So the jars could be anywhere.

Do you know maven and its repositories? The jar files are organized like
groupId/artifactId/version/artifactId-version.jar on an http (svn?) server.

If we do not have plugin dependencies, the only dependency for all 
plugins is JOSM and its version. But this is already an important 
information: which version of josm is needed for this plugin to work.

Ad code duplication: we could implement the plugin manager as a plugin :-)


Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) schrieb:
>> Maybe we could start by creating a machine readable list of plugins
>> (in the Wiki?), adding a "getVersion" call to the plugin interface
>> and displaying a list to the user (plugin so-and-so, installed
>> version so-and-so, latest version so-and-so). And do automatic
>> downloading etc. later.
> Sorry to bring up this suggestion again: If we put the plugins into SVN with 
> there jar Files it would be one URL where the plugin locator can find all 
> plugins.
> Yes I know svn is normally a source repository, but we don't have any other 
> common place in the OSM project where every developer can write, every user 
> can download and we have a versioning.
> So I would really really vote for one sub-directory in the osm-svn and place 
> all plugins there.

Christof Dallermassl
christof at dallermassl.at

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