[OSM-dev] JOSM Plugin-Manager was: JOSM "simplify way" option

Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Mon May 21 17:27:54 BST 2007

Have seen jpf, never tried. But as far as I saw, there is no such thing 
as a plugin update mechanism.

I did a little reading in OSGi, the mechanism behind eclipse: 
This is the eclipse implementation of a osgi framework spec (apache's 
felix is another). I believe that equinox is quite independet from 
eclipse and could be used independently.

jpf and osgi seem to work similar: using extension points and plugins 
that connect to them or provide some. The problem is that JOSM does not 
work like this (although it should in my opinion), so these concepts do 
not help us (yet).

Maybe we should start at the beginning: the requirements for our plugin 

* download/update mechanism for plugins (like eclipse/jedit): show 
available plugins and install/update them automatically

* plugins depend on other plugins, ensure that they are available and 
loaded before.

* so we need versioning in plugins/JOSM to be able to define the plugin 

* (web)space for the plugins to be downloaded.

* do we want to provide different versions of the same plugin? or is the 
last one enough?

* for future: it would be great to use the extension point mechanism: 
clearly defined interfaces that can be implemented/used by plugins.

any more?

Jonathan Bennett schrieb:
> Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:
>> * Java Web Start
>> * Eclipse
>> * JEdit
> Haven't used it, but this looks promising:
> http://jpf.sourceforge.net/
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