[OSM-dev] Disappearing Roads

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon May 21 20:24:48 BST 2007

Andy Robinson wrote:

> Cory,
> Do you have a view bbox or lat & lon limits from JOSM for the area
> concerned?

Cory mentioned these ways (in private e-mail):

> 4630406
> 4630400
> 4630403
> 4547188

If I manually fetch a relevant bbox from the API:


then save as a .osm file, and load into JOSM, it seems quite happy  
and I can see the ways. Similarly, if I look at the .osm file they  
seem to be in there.

But if I punch this bounding box into JOSM, or even copy and paste  
the URL, then it doesn't work. Either I get a 500, or a complaint  
about "Error when parsing: unknown version: null".


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