[OSM-dev] Potlatch delete bug?

Håkon Enger hakon.enger at fys.uio.no
Tue May 22 17:24:30 BST 2007


I'm new to this list, but I have been mapping in Oslo for a while, using 
the username "Håkon". I normally use JOSM, but occasionally I need the 
aerial imagery for reference, and so I have used the Java applet. Now I 
have tried Potlatch for the first time, and I think I have discovered a 
rather serious bug: When deleting a way in Potlatch, it seems that all 
points in the deleted way and segments sharing these points are also 

I discovered this bug by accident, but have reproduced it with the 
following experiment: I created six nodes in JOSM and connected them with 
segments making a 'H' shape. I then made three ways for each of the 
straight lines making up the H. Then I found this area in Potlatch and 
deleted the middle bar of the H:

   *   *
   |   |
   | ^ |
   * ^ *
     This way was deleted in Potlatch.

When downloading the area again in a fresh JOSM session, only the four 
nodes in the corners of the 'H' were left, everything else was gone...

If anybody wants to have a look at my experiment, I did it near 
coordinates 59.9378,10.7435. The way ids created were 4639221, 4639222, 
and 4639223 (the last one was the one I meant to delete). (I will of 
course delete the remaining nodes soon, since there is not supposed to be 
anything in this area...)

By the way: I used shift-delete to delete the way, found this by trial and 
error (only pressing delete did not seem to do anything).


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