[OSM-dev] I'm Looking for josm reading NMEA Files

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 23 10:17:11 BST 2007


> But
> for this I'd need a possibility for them to directly import there  
> Tracks(from
> the NaviGPS-BGT11) into josm.

I think a generic NMEA import is quite difficult. It is probably easy  
to import exactly the kind of NMEA log written by that device. But  
that would then confuse users because they would expect to be able to  
read other NMEA logs and you'd be bogged down with "but my NMEA log  
looks like this, why doesn't it work" requests in no time.

> So I'm looking for a possibility to read tracklogs in NMEA format  
> directly
> from josm. Did anyone already start something like this for josm?

Haven't, and won't ;-) besides, you would not (yet) be able to upload  
tracks from within JOSM.

But I have an easy suggestion: You're no stranger to Perl and CGI, so  
why don't you just put a small CGI script on your server where people  
can upload the NaviGPS tracks and get a GPX file in return? That  
should be only a few lines (calling gpsbabel internally), and your  
Windows users could convert their files using your service without  
having to install gpsbabel themselves.

If you're adventurous, you could also offer them a choice to  
automatically upload converted GPX files to OSM from your box.


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