[OSM-dev] 0.4 OSM API Documentation

michael_j at email.de michael_j at email.de
Wed May 23 22:53:24 BST 2007


on Essen developers workshop we started updating the Wiki based specification of the OSM 0.4 API. I send this message to provide a status update and warmly encourage contributions. 

After looking on the used REST protocol in detail, it became evident that splitting the existing API specification into separate specifications for the involved protocol layers would avoid duplicated documentation and improve the understanding. Thus this route had been taken.

As now a name was needed for the upper protocol layer containing the OSM specific commands and response information, the name  'OSM Application Protocol' or just 'OSM Protocol' had been chosen.

So far the following had been specified:

OSM Application Layer:
+ the commands (e.g. "Create new way", "Get map" )
+ the parameters of the commands
+ the data types of the parameters
+ for each command the applicable error codes and their meaning

HTTP Layer:
+ the methods (GET, PUT and DELETE)
+ the error codes (e.g. Status Code "OK", "Not Found", ..)

The following is still missing:
OSM Application Layer:
+ for each command a short description:
  - of its purpose
  - of  its actions

+ the description of the XML-payload transported in the message bodies (XML-Schema,  etc.)
+ Examples 

The specifications are found here:

Also it is worth to mention, that a protocol feature request page had been created. It is used to propose and discuss new protocol features:

In order to complete the information found there, please tell us you needs:
- What are you looking for that is currently missing?
- What can be improved?


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