[OSM-dev] java selfupdate

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Thu May 24 05:55:47 BST 2007

Robert T Wyatt wrote:
> Dear OSM gurus,
> A programming request (should I find a tracker to submit this to?):
> I would be very happy if josm-latest.jar could update itself with a
> "check for updates" or, better still, auto-update function.
> I think it was recently mentioned that a plug-in updater would be nice
> and I would like to see that also, but a self-updating JOSM would be
> very nice.

The best way to do this would be through java webstart...  

I've spoken to some people who have implemented this before at work and 
apparently it's very easy to set up. Basically you "install" the java 
application from a web browser. It sets itself up with an icon on the 
Destop and/or an entry in the start menu, whenever the application is 
started, it will check for an updated version and if neccessary download 
the update, before starting the application.

I'm working in Australia at the moment (hopefully I'll fit some time in 
for mapping), but I'll have a go at getting this working when I get home 
if no one else has done it by then...



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