[OSM-dev] GPX Import Daemon

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Thu May 31 00:43:26 BST 2007

The GPX import daemon does not appear to be working - no logs have
been processed for about a week now.

SteveC has pushed out several rounds of updates to it from me over
the last few days, and has made sure the daemon is running, but there
is still no sign of it actually processing any logs.

Needless to say it appears to work just fine in my test environment...

I think somebody with access to the server needs to have a look at
production.log for lines starting with "GPX Import" to try and see
what it is doing - what we should be seeing is an "importing foo.gpx"
message as it processes each log.

If instead we are seeing a "daemon wake" message every fifteen minutes
then it obviously thinks it has nothing to do for some reason.

Using strace to see if the server is wedged, and if so what it is
doing, might also be helpful to try and work out what is happening.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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