[OSM-dev] Importing planet.osm into api0.5 db?

Ted Mielczarek ted.mielczarek at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 16:42:47 BST 2007


I setup a test server to play around with, and I figured I'd use the
0.5 api version, since it's going to go live soon anyway.  I
downloaded the 0.5 planet.osm linked from the wiki, but now I can't
figure out how to import it to the database.  There are a lot of tools
in applications/utils/planet.osm, but I'm not sure which (if any) have
been updated to support 0.5.  I tried Osmosis, but it complains "The
database schema version of 8 does not match the expected version of
6".  Presumably this is due to the quadtiles update that was mentioned
previously.  Is there another tool I can use to accomplish this?


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