[OSM-dev] OSM Date Formats

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 2 01:33:26 BST 2007


> > This probably should go to Frederik but I'll post it here anyway in case
> > others are interested or have issues/comments.
> Thanks for looking into the date handling. I will review your patch
> soon (unless Fredrick gets to it first).

As far as I'm concerned the patch looks fine but I thought let's get
0.5 out first and then put the patch in there.

> Please continue to post all patches to a public mailing list. Either
> dev or the josm specific mailing list. JOSM development shouldn't be a
> one-man-band.

To clarify: There is no proper JOSM mailing list yet, so use dev for
the time being. 

There are currently four people with JOSM SVN access - Imi, Rob,
Gabriel, and myself. Imi has somewhat unexpectedly handed JOSM over to
me, and I haven't yet had the time to sort everything out. Imi used to
have a rather tight grip on JOSM development, liberally rejecting or
changing patches that were submitted to match his design goals, and
while not perfectly "OSM style", on the whole JOSM has benefited from
this kind of benevolent dictatorship (or "strict QA" as you may put
it). I cannot be that same "benevolent dictator" because I lack Imi's
overall vision, so I hope that we will manage to get more people
involved in JOSM development without dropping that little "QA barrier"
altogether. I'm open for suggestions on how to best do that, but I
think it can wait until 0.5 is out the door.


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