[OSM-dev] Importing planet.osm into api0.5 db?

Jon Bright jon at siliconcircus.com
Thu Oct 4 10:30:50 BST 2007

Hi Brett,

Brett Henderson wrote:
> Unfortunately no.  My first suspicion is always incorrect UTF8 data in 
> the planet file but I suspect that's not the problem in this case.
> Was any data inserted successfully?  If not I might have a problem with 
> the insert statement.  If some was inserted successfully then perhaps 
> the db is not configured correctly for UTF8.

7074500 nodes got inserted.  The DB was created by first doing "create 
database osm", then doing "rake db:migrate" in 
svn.openstreetmap.org/sites/rails_port_0.5.  It seems like doing that 
should give me a valid DB?  Then again, show table status is showing 
"collation" as "latin1_swedish_ci"...

> I don't have that planet available to test it out, I'll have to download 
> it.  Can you run the following command to make sure the data in the 
> planet can be handled correctly?  It will verify that all data in the 
> planet can be handled as UTF8.
> java -jar osmosis.jar --read-xml-0.5 file="planet-api05-070927.osm" 
> --write-xml-0.5 file="planet-api05-070927-out.osm"

Running.  It'll take a little while, it's done 650MB so far.

Jon Bright
Silicon Circus Ltd.

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