[OSM-dev] Planet.osm way representation

Tomas Kolda kolda at web2net.cz
Thu Oct 4 20:24:45 BST 2007

There is a bug or I don't understand OSM representation in planet.osm.

As I read WIKI, I think that way is represented as a segments, that must 
have same at least one Node. Am I right?

I am asking, because there are not solid ways there.

For example segments for way 63:
[fromNodeID, toNodeID]
[14462836, 200625]
[200625, 200626]
[200626, 200605]
[200605, 204281]
[204281, 200604]
[200619, 204281]

What is right order of points? Or is it possible to disjoin way? It 
looks like there is junction on 204281.


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