[OSM-dev] Daily diff's retry

linux at elementarea.net linux at elementarea.net
Thu Oct 11 07:36:39 BST 2007

> Reply to myself: It worked. We have now:
> http://planet.openstreetmap.org/2007-10-10--10-11-00:01:02.osc.bz2

> The file naming scheme is a little complicated and I take suggestions for
> better ones.

how about symlinking the latest daily diff on latest-daily-diff.osc.bz2
and also always merge into a weekly-patch upon creation of the daily,
let's call it latest-weekly-diff.osc.bz2

only disadvantage with this naming scheme is if it's not working one
night, people probably won't notice until trying to apply the patch (or
even later if automated) so maybe
daily-yyyy-mm-dd-rev.osc.bz2 is better, whereas the 2nd part of the name
is either the basename of the file on which the patch bases or like in my
example it's a date/rev stamp. (in case there could be more than one
same with the weekly:

with having merged daily-patches for the current week people won't need to
download 6files on the last day,


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