[OSM-dev] Daily diff's retry

spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Thu Oct 11 08:28:55 BST 2007

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 05:18:24PM +1000, Brett Henderson wrote:

> > I intend to keep the last 7 daily osmosis changesets and delete older one. Changesets use the end time of the previous changeset as the starting point, so they should not miss out any changes if osmosis works as advertized.

> What is the start time for the first daily diff 
> 2007-10-10--10-10-09:57:01.osc.bz2?  If it includes changes prior to the 
> time the current planet file was started we can use it now to create 
> consistent daily planets.

The start time for the very first daily diff? Err, no idea it was a manual run, which happened certainly after the planet dump started. But usually the end time of the previous changeset is equal to the start time to the next one. We could keep 8 of them around to make sure that we always cover a whole week before a planet dump.


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