[OSM-dev] Daily diff's retry

Luka Frelih luka at ljudmila.org
Fri Oct 12 18:25:42 BST 2007

>> I updated osmosis to the latest version and checked my cron script to produce daily diffs with osmosis. If things work out, there should be daily diffs out there on planet.openstreetmap from now on. No promises that it will work though :-).
> Reply to myself: It worked. We have now: http://planet.openstreetmap.org/2007-10-10--10-11-00:01:02.osc.bz2
this is excellent news!
> The file naming scheme is a little complicated and I take suggestions for better ones.
how about producing diffs for each full calendar day (UTC), running the 
job a short time after midnight?
it seems a bit more predictable and then the naming scheme could simply 
be YYYY-MM-DD-planet.osc.bz2?  
> Now people don't have a reason anymore to complain about too long intervals between updates; take the daily diffs and make your maps current!
is there already some code which generates a list of dirty tiles from 
such a diff?
reviewing ongoing mapping will be much easier with guaranteed "daily 
fresh" tiles
without having to manually request each update.


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