[OSM-dev] No ways

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sun Oct 14 00:34:09 BST 2007

Simon Nuttall wrote:
> I have used Osmosis 0.18 to extract a bounding-box of Cambridge, uk using
> ./osmosis --read-xml file="planet-api05-070927.osm.bz2"
> compressionMethod="bzip2" outPipe.0="alltags" enableDateParsing="no"
> --bounding-box inPipe.0="alltags" outPipe.0="sometags" left=0.09
> right=0.18 top=52.25 bottom=52.17 --write-xml inPipe.0="sometags"
> file="cambridge.osm"
> It took about an hour on my pc and produced a 1.7MB file.
> But the file contained only nodes and relations, and no ways. Is this
> a known issue?
Yes it is unfortunately.  I made some changes in subversion which might 
fix the problem but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.  There are a 
number of scripts under applications\utils\osm-extract in subversion 
which might be more appropriate in the meantime.
> Also, I've tried to import the file into a mysql database, but the
> schema on bretth's site is only at version 6, whereas osmosis requires
> version 8.
Again, I haven't had a chance to update my local schema to version 8.  
The best way to get a new schema is to run the ruby rake tool as 
described in sites\rails_port_0.5\db\README.  The schema scripts on my 
website are there for convenience to avoid having to get rails up and 
running.  I will produce a version 8 soon but probably not in the next 
couple of days.

Real work is holding me away at the moment, in a week or so I should 
have more time to catch up again.

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