[OSM-dev] No ways

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sun Oct 14 14:13:15 BST 2007

Brett Henderson wrote:
> Brett Henderson wrote:
>> I've updated the schema script on my website to 6.  I haven't tested 
>> osmosis bounding box code yet, I hope to try it in the next few hours.
> I meant to say that I've updated the script to version 8 ...
I just released osmosis v0.19 which should fix most of the bounding box 
and polygon issues.  It may still need some work around relations that 
refer to other relations but so far it "works for me".

It can extract a germany polygon in approximately 15 minutes if the 
planet is pre-processed to use "standard" dates by piping the original 
planet through osmosis and back into an osm file.  If a raw planet file 
is used it will take approx 5 times as long due to the overhead of date 

The full list of changes for 0.19 are:
Added a new --integrity-reporter task to detect referential integrity 
issues between entity types.
Updated the default file names for report tasks.
Added a new --log-progress task to provide progress information to the 
jdk log during processing.
Added a new --log-change-progress task to provide change progress 
information to the jdk log during processing.
Fixed a number of bugs in the area extraction tasks.
Updated area extraction tasks to support negative identifiers used on 
files that are ready for upload.
Fixed bug in the ChangeWriter where the node insert SQL commands were 
missing tile parameters (thanks to Jon Bright).

I have some work to do updating the wiki with usage information.  I'm 
part way through migrating osmosis usage info off my personal wiki onto 
the osm wiki.


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