[OSM-dev] arabic shaping support in Mapnik

Alilo 3alilo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 20:16:52 BST 2007


I would like to know to situation of the arabic support on the slippy
map. and if Artem's patch was applied.

As I am arabic and interested in having the slippy map in arabic,
please let me know if I can do something to help or to test.


On 10/8/07, Artem Pavlenko <artem.mapnik at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I was looking into solving 'shaping' support for right-to-left
> languages (arabic) and I found - PostArabic
> (http://dcmms.sourceforge.net/postarabic.php). It is a postgresql
> module which provides shape_arabic(text) and couple other methods I
> extended it with 'is_arabic (text)' and now it's possible to do:
> (select place,case when is_arabic(name) then
> shape_arabic(str_reverse(name)) else name end as name,
> leisure,amenity,"natural",tourism, way from planet_osm_point) as
> places;
> The above SQL conditionally reverses and shapes arabic text in
> planet_osm_point table. 'is_arabic' check is simply testing for first
> 2 bytes (UTF-8) expand to be in 0x0600 - 0x6ff range (arabic unicode).
> There are two ways we can integrate this :
> 1. Modify osm.xml sql as above
> 2. Modify osm2psql to do 'inserts' with conditional shaping.
> Second approach is better, IMHO.
> Also, mapnik dosn't need to be built with BIDI anymore. This is a
> great news , because libfribidi is not threadsafe.
> Attaches is the patch against postarabic-1.0.5.
> Thought?
> Cheers,
> Artem
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