[OSM-dev] JS-generated History Display

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Oct 17 13:15:34 BST 2007


> Red for deletes, green for adds, yellow for changes, now.
> I'd love some feedback on whether people think this is a good/bad/ugly
> idea.

Looks very good to me. Looks could be improved my using a yellow-ish/ 
green-ish background instead of border, and a strikethrough display  
for the deleted items, and I would list the full data (including  
unchanged) only for the initial and current versions, not all in  

If you want to drop in extra cool eye candy, one thing I always  
wanted is a kind of "timeline" display, just a bar starting "then"  
and ending "now" with dots on it where there were changes, and by  
selecting the dots you see who changed something and what was  
changed. Probably overkill, however, since a very big percentage of  
OSM data is never changed after being created.

Another thing concerning history, which you cannot do something about  
on your site but which me might think about, is whether and how we  
could tag ways being split so that the original way (which is  
shortened) somehow points to the new way. This would enable us to  
show history entries like "way split, other portion here..." (but the  
"here" is not known at the time the way is split).


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