[OSM-dev] Basic GPX parser in OpenLayers

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Thu Oct 18 15:35:52 BST 2007

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 03:08:48PM +0100, Tom Hughes wrote:
> In message <20071018135805.GA18708 at metacarta.com>
>         Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at metacarta.com> wrote:
> > Note that parsing Very Large data could take awhile -- I don't know how
> > long of tracks people typically upload. The 1000 point track from my
> > commute this morning was ~200kb -- but my GPS recording client is kinda 
> > verbose. 
> >
> > Anyone have some examples of how big a 'large' gpx file usually is for
> > them that I can try out for performance? 
> Well http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/TomH/traces/43998 is a 26 mile
> cycle trace from last weekend - about 3.5 hours worth.

Okay. That one is a bit long :) Not unbearably so. I'll take that as a
target and see if I can improve performance to the extent that load time
is tenable.

Christopher Schmidt

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