[OSM-dev] OT: Map Matching algorithm

Andreas Brauchli linux at elementarea.net
Sat Oct 20 13:45:33 BST 2007

> I'm currently involved in developing a software which involves
> matching road-collected GPS data onto a vectorial map. If you don't
> mind the 5-minute reading, the project description is below:

i'm not sure you'll find that in OSM as the match GPS-to-Vector op
doesn't really get used. we have a software that creates vectors from
gps-points though on which you could then use pattern matching to see if
it corresponds nearby roads (you'd probably have to abstract them a bit
to exclude minor turns (let's say < 10-40m) before comparing the shapes)
then the matching would have to be done only on nearby vectors.
(determine that by creating a frame or radius around your captured gps
points. you would also need partial matches as you cannot see on the gps
data where streets are beginning and ending which makes the pattern
matching a bit harder.

not an easy task, hope it helps though.


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