[OSM-dev] Possible Potlatch Bugs (was: Daily Diff Merging)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Thu Oct 25 08:40:18 BST 2007

D Tucny wrote:

> [useful stuff snipped]
> If you want someone to do some tests over crappy international  
> internet connectivity, let me know... I'm no flash developer, but,  
> if you want, I can run through some tests for you and feedback the  
> results to you...


I've committed a further bugfix to stop these bogus POIs appearing,  
which should be effective as of the next deployment. Not 100%  
convinced that this is necessarily the issue we're seeing here, but I  
guess we'll see.

Brett - thanks for the continued tests, much appreciated.

What's the situation with transactions on the OSM db? If I were to  
put the whole of the putway call (i.e. write nodes and ways for a  
saved way) into a transaction, would that have any effect at all  
given our db setup?

I guess the other thing we could work on is expanding the "social  
mapping" side of the site, so that you could be alerted when a new  
mapper arrives in your area, and gently help them into the ways of  
OSMing. This probably requires us to finally turn anonymous edits off.


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