[OSM-dev] osmosis applied to latest planet

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Fri Oct 26 00:40:39 BST 2007

You crazy Europeans with your fancy characters.  What's wrong with good 
old ASCII ;-)

Could take a me a bit of time to test this.  I hope to get a chance this 
evening (in 10 hours or so).

I'll download a small area from the api, import it into a blank db, then 
dumb the db as a change.  Hopefully I can replicate the error.  I'm a 
bit surprised to be honest, I thought I'd fixed the last of the utf-8 
issues a while ago.  Apparently not.


Colin Marquardt wrote:
> Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at metacarta.com> writes:
>> http://labs.metacarta.com/osm/ is running planet + the osmosis patch 
>> from a few hours ago... I think. If someone could check out an area they
>> edited after the plaent dump yesterday, and tlel me if they see it, in
>> the map, that would be great.
> The update itself worked nicely, and it's great to see changes so
> fast.
> As discussed on IRC though, I see UTF-8 brokenness on recent data,
> e.g.:
> http://labs.metacarta.com/osm/?zoom=15&lat=6535207.80143&lon=1226481.65939&layers=B00
> <way id="4810727" visible="true" timestamp="2007-10-24T23:52:39+01:00" user="ColinMarquardt">
> Christopher asked me to bring it up here.
> Cheers
>   Colin
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