[OSM-dev] page-paramater when Retrieving_all_Objects_within_an_Area

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 30 07:57:20 GMT 2007


> I was hoping for a way to avoid making
> unnessassary calls or hardcoding the limit
> of 5000 nodes.

I checked the API source for you and it really simply goes to MySQL with 
a paging request; if you do that, MySQL itself will not tell you whether 
there would have been more objects had you requested more. (One could of 
course request 5001 and would then know!)

Another idea would be enhancing the "capabilities" request response with 
the information about the trackpoint page size; this would at least save 
you from having to make the extra bounding box call. But then again 
you'd need an extra "capabilities" call...


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