[OSM-dev] forum.openstreetmap.org

Lambertus osm at na1400.info
Wed Oct 31 08:22:01 GMT 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:
> In message <20071030194217.GB1148 at sspaeth.de>
>           spaetz <osm at sspaeth.de> wrote:
>> TomH pointed forum.openstreetmap.org to the dev server. I installed a
>> simple reverse proxy which forwards requests to Lambertus forum.
> Um... That's a bit pointless, and wasn't the idea at all. If we're
> going to use Lambertus forum we might as well just point the name at
> his machine!
> I thought the whole point was to have a forum running on our machines
> rather than on a third party machine...
I have never heard any request to provide the forum, so it can be 
installed on an OSM machine. So until the forum is up and running on an 
OSM machine, this is one of the possible intermediate solutions.

Maybe I'm mistaken and it has been mentioned somewhere, but what are the 
reasons to move the forum over to OSM? By having the forum on a separate 
hoster you don't have to provide the bandwidth, storage, maintenance and 
cpu power...

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