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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Oct 31 10:21:29 GMT 2007


>> Maybe I'm mistaken and it has been mentioned somewhere, but what  
>> are the
>> reasons to move the forum over to OSM?
> Single sign-on.
> We already have too many logins, and it already confuses people. We
> should really try to avoid having any more.

I don't see why single sign-on should be easier just because all  
services run on machines that sit physically next to each other.

Most importantly, Lambertus DOES have a working forum, but we DON'T  
have a working single sign-on solution. I think it is fair to use  
Lambertus' forum as "forum.openstreetmap.org" and as soon as someone  
is willing and able to implement single sign-on then add that -  
instead of sitting down and saying "we don't have single sign-on so  
we cannot have a forum".

I know Spaetz had set up some other forum software but, with all  
respect, that's useless - like anything else, the forum community is  
important, and there is an existing communitiy that works with  
Lambertus' forum software and him as the admin. Anything would be  
like tearing down our Wiki and replacing it with something else  
because the new software better supports single sign on: Stupid.


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