[OSM-dev] forum.openstreetmap.org

spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Wed Oct 31 10:37:39 GMT 2007

On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 08:05:20PM +0000, Tom Hughes wrote:

> > TomH pointed forum.openstreetmap.org to the dev server. I installed a
> > simple reverse proxy which forwards requests to Lambertus forum.
> Um... That's a bit pointless, and wasn't the idea at all. If we're
> going to use Lambertus forum we might as well just point the name at
> his machine!

OK, good to get this moving then and actually agree on what we want. Fact is that dev's load is currently at 15 and the reverse proxy solution is sluggish as hell.

We can host the forum on .dev, I have no problems with that and give Lambertus full admin rights to that. But having another service on an already smoking box when we got the offer from somebody who proved reliable to provide bandwdth, server, and software maintenance, it would be crazy to say no.

IMHO, it would indeed be easiest to point the DNS name to his machine and as I recall it that is what we said should be done. (Don't quote me on that, my memory is horrible)

> I thought the whole point was to have a forum running on our machines
> rather than on a third party machine...

And I thought the whole point was to give the forum some more "credible" and easy to find address than a random URL somewhere. :-)

I don't see it as more secure to point a DNS entry to some separate server from somebody who has been involved for quite some time, than to give him admin rights on a web server installation on "our" machines. *If* Lambertus is mischievous or incompetent (sorry for that ;-)), I'd have him rather bricking his own server than defacing ours. Not that I actually think he actually fits one of those descriptions.

But whatever people think is best, is fine for me. I can give Lambertus access to dev if that is what the board and admins think is more secure and he transfers the board over.


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