[OSM-dev] Osmosis Replication Statistics

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 08:49:43 BST 2007

On 9/1/07, Brett Henderson <brett at bretth.com> wrote:
> I can't read perl to save myself :-)  And I can't run that particular
> app without installing the math polygon library manually from CPAN so I
> couldn't get it to spit out the usage instructions.  But I did dig this
> section out of the program which describes the polygon format.

The format is design by the person who created extract script, it has
nothing to do with the library itself.

> 1
The actual number is irrelevent, it's the spacing that's important. I
extended the script so that if you prefix it by an "!" it becomes a
negative selection.

>         -0.6450E+01     0.4980E+02
>         -0.2000E+01     0.4890E+02

These are normal scientific notation number. The standard
text-to-float conversion should be able to read it just fine. It
doesn't have to be exactly that format by the way, just about any
number format will do.


This marks the end of a polygon.

> I assume that "1" and the "END" mark the beginning and end of sections.
> Does this mean that a subsequent polygon section would begin and end
> with "2" and "END" respectively?  And finally is it essential that all
> polygon files be broken into sections or do you allow a file with only a
> single polygon to omit the section header and footer?

Currently you can't omit the begin and end markers. Not sure why we
should make it possible either...

Don't worry about java.txt.Decimal, just use whatever you normally use
for printing numbers.

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