[OSM-dev] TIGER field report, Columbia, Maryland

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Sat Sep 1 18:18:53 BST 2007

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Alex Mauer wrote:
> Tom Permutt wrote:
>> Dave has kindly uploaded Howard County, Maryland. I've had Tiles at Home
>> render one tile that I had already partly mapped. You can search for
>> zipcode 21044 if you'd like to see it. Here's what I see:
>> We'll want some discussion of guidelines for mapping with TIGER data.
>> If it's wrong, do we delete it?
> I would certainly say "yes" to this.  That is, if TIGER has a route
> which doesn't exist in real life, it should be deleted.
>> Is it significantly better to try to move
>> it to where the street really is? What about if it's right? We won't
>> want two versions of the same way, or will we? Which one do we
>> prefer?
> I would expect that we prefer the more accurate one, and delete the
> other.

We probably want to keep the special tiger tags wherever possible, so
that we can import extra data from tiger into the database at a later
stage (e.g. house numbers). Also if we get a future version of Tiger, we
need to not try to re-import the road assuming it is new, we need to
know that we know the road better than tiger does.

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