[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] TIGER upload queue (maps of entire US)

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Tue Sep 4 19:21:48 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 14:14 -0400, Adam Schreiber wrote:
> On 9/2/07, Dave Hansen <dave at sr71.net> wrote:
> > people have asked for.  What I need from people now are more wide open
> > places with no mapping that I should upload next.
> GA and AL appear to be just as empty as Oregon was.

I've added these to the queue.

I'm adding the entire states after any individual counties that people
request.  So, if your county is in one of these states and you want it
rendered first, let me know.  I'll bump it up in the queue.  

-- Dave

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