[OSM-dev] GPX Tables and InnoDB

Jon Stockill lists at stockill.net
Wed Sep 5 13:05:05 BST 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:
> In message <46DE8D3B.3050102 at rjb.za.net>
>         Ray Booysen <raybooysen at rjb.za.net> wrote:
>> Is there any reason we don't immediately convert the gpx tables into 
>> InnoDB to alleviate the locking issue? 
> Well Inno tables are generally a lot slower to start with.

The speed is pretty much identical to myiasm tables *if* (and it's a 
pretty big if) the system it's running on has enough memory to store all 
the indexes in RAM. There are a lot of parameters which can be tuned to 
ensure that the right number of connections are available (and you've 
not reserved buffers which are never used), and that the resources are 
allocated in a way that's optimal for the system concerned. Get these 
things wrong, and performance will suffer.


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